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How To Find The Best Rates On Life Insurance In Richmond VA


Life Insurance In Richmond VA

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Finding the best rate on life insurance in Richmond VA isn’t tough thing to do if you have taken your health seriously. Richmond VA residents should take stock of your life and ask yourself, if you were an insurance company would you insure you? Knowing that insurance companies underwrite life insurance policies based on the potential risk of death, how have you treated yourself. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind when looking for discounted life insurance rates:


1. Don’t smoke: A smokers rate may be as much as 3 times higher than their non smoking counterpart. Companies categorize their policyholders into rate categories, standard, preferred and preferred plus. Smokers would be in the standard category and thus not entitled to the discounts afforded to non smokers. Different insurance companies have different underwriting requirements as far as determining someone as a smoker. Some require you to be smoke free for 3 years, and others as few as 1 year. And, by the way, smoking includes cigars and chewing tobacco.


2. Lose weight: One of the top health concerns in the United States is obesity and diabetes. Being overweight will make it a little more difficult for you to get insurance, let alone get a good rate. Life insurance companies use a height weight chart to determine risk. If your weight is too much for your height, you are at a larger risk for illness and weight related death. According to the American Medical Association, they have linked 280,000 deaths in the US to excess weight. The heavier you are in relation to your height, the higher the rate.


3. Optimal Health: Insurance companies prefer to insure risks where the likelihood of payout is minimal. Purchasing a life insurance policy when you are young and in optimal health will earn a lower rate than purchasing it when you are older and in ill health.


4. Shop around: The internet has made shopping for insurance around much easier. Take advantage of it


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